Monitoring & Reporting

Monitoring is an important part of a control program so that the success or otherwise of the program can be verified and demonstrated to others.  There are a number of methods of monitoring but the simplest and probably most useful for most trappers is the Garden Count.

This method has been used for a number of years by the Canberra Ornithologists Group over many years in their Garden Bird Survey.  The method is based on counting the maximum number of birds seen within a 100 metre radius of your house (an area of around 3 hectares) at any one time during a week. The first three hours of daylight are usually when you see most birds, but if you see a big flock in your garden at some other time of day – record it as your maximum for the week.

You can also record your captured myna information. We request that information relating to capture mynas be entered into the database on a monthly basis.

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