About Yimag

In 2010 a small group of dedicated environmentally aware individuals got together and formed the Yarra Indian Myna Action Group Inc.  We have all become successful trappers of Indian mynas in our home environments, and encourage others to do the same. 

Committee Members

The 2017 YIMAG Committee members include:

President  Julia Gibson
Vice President  Jamie McGlade
Secretary vacant
Treasurer Stephen Panter 
Ordinary Members

Ruth Marr
Keir Jarvis


Please help us to continue the great work of YIMAG by becoming a member. Your membership allows us to continue to support the work ofother trappers across the region. We do this by providing:

We receive no government funding for our work so our membership program is crucial to our ongoing involvement in supporting the community and helping them access the resources they need to get the job done.

Membership of YIMAG is $5 for two years.  You can become a member by directly contacting a committee member or by completing the Membership Application Form and returning it to info@yimag.org.au or mailing it to the address below.

We request that all members:

All members are invited to our Annual General Meeting where relevant speakers will present on what’s been happening in the environment. 

All members are also able to nominate for positions on the YIMAG Committee at the AGM. We are a friendly bunch and always looking for more people to join the committee.

Contact us

You can contact YIMAG at:

Email:  info@yimag.org.au
Postal: PO Box 12, Hurstbridge  VIC  3099
Facebook: Visit us on Facebook